LDS Unmarried Life Podcast-Episode 27-Dating Advice from Dating Coach Jim Jacobs


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Jim R. Jabobs, LCSW, CWFC, joins me again to answer your questions about dating. He answered using Brene Brown’s BRAVING tool. (See below.) Jim can be found at Please subscribe to me here, comment here or on my Facebook page If you’re listening on iTunes, please rate and review the podcast so other listeners can find it.


This is the science of trust.  BRAVING is tool to help measure self, partner, and a relationship in terms of where trust is at.  Individual can measure where struggles are and where maybe needs to improve things are. From Brene Brown

B     Boundaries.  I/We can say what is okay and what is not okay

R     Reliability.  I/We do what we said we would do.  We can be counted on

A     Accountability.  I/We are responsible for ourselves, our own happiness, and apologize when necessary

V     Vault.  What is discussed and happens in the relationship is respected and honored.  I/We do not share indiscreetly or arbitrarily outside of us.

I      Integrity is choosing courage over comfort.  Integrity is choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy.  Integrity is actually practicing our values instead of just professing them.

N     Non-Judgmental.  I/We withhold judgement of each other’s actions and motives

G     Generosity.  I/We give the most liberal interpretation to someone’s behavior and motives.


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