LDS Unmarried Life Podcast-Episode 23-Do All Men Ask for Inappropriate Pictures??


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I had three newbies and Pat on the phone for this edgy topic! From left to right-Pat Steele (on the phone), Amy, Nikki, Mark, Angie, and Annette. We answered a listener’s question about whether all men ask for inappropriate pics and conversation. I also encouraged listeners to go to the ABQ singles conference. That link is I hope you join me there and podcast with me! As usual, please subscribe, comment, etc. Look for my patreon page coming out hopefully later this week.


Jane Greaves: lyrics composer & performer.

Rachel Dent: music composer & performer


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2 comments on LDS Unmarried Life Podcast-Episode 23-Do All Men Ask for Inappropriate Pictures??

  1. Pat says:

    To the person who wrote Annette about this topic, I’m sorry you had to go through that experience. there are a lot of guys out there that are decent and keep their covenants. While all of us go through trials, my hope is that we don’t drag someone off the path with our selfish desires and somehow write off sins a something little. You are a Daughter of God and last time I checked, He made women out of a perfect being, different than He made anything else. He took special care. Be proud of who you are, a Daughter of God. Don’t let anyone treat you different. If they do, then it’s simply not worth it. Patience = Joy.

    1. Annette says:

      Thanks for your comments, Pat! I couldn’t agree more!

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