LDS Unmarried Life Podcast Episode 17-Should Women Ask Men Out?


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My crew-Derrick, Russ, Drew, Emily, Steve, and Angie joined me to discuss whether women should ask men out. Please comment and subscribe!



Jane Greaves: lyrics composer & performer. Rachel Dent: music composer & performer


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6 comments on LDS Unmarried Life Podcast Episode 17-Should Women Ask Men Out?

  1. Jeff Schrade says:

    As a father of three single adults (all in their 20s), I’m all for girls asking guys out on dates.

    1. annettetalks says:

      Trying to marry those ladies off, eh?

  2. Michael Swift says:

    Website is really looking good. Webcasts are great too. As for the topic, I’m super open minded about relationships, so my feeling is that anything goes. I’m not big on protocol or tradition. If the mood hits them I see no reason why women shouldn’t ask men out. I’ve had women approach me and it felt perfectly natural.

    1. annettetalks says:

      Thanks, Michael! I’m starting to slowly come around to that viewpoint, but I still feel like men don’t react that well when I make the moves.

  3. Whitney says:

    Hey! New listener here… I’ve been listening for a few weeks now and had a few thoughts:

    1. If your guests are openly looking for partners, perhaps (If they are comfortable), you could setup a page on your site with short profiles and pictures of those who are your frequent guests. Perhaps some of the listeners could then reach out if they continuously enjoy hearing someone specific they always agree with when they are in the discussions.

    2. Would be interesting to see a role play switch around for a segment of the podcast. It’s a bit of a psychology trick, but it can help men and women be more aware of what the other is going through, more empathetic, etc… For example, the men in the discussion act as if they’re a woman being asked out and the women act as if they’re the man having to do the asking. I think it could be both hilarious, but also opening up discussion on just how each gender perceives the same situation.

    Thanks for the effort and content for these podcasts!

    1. annettetalks says:

      Whitney, I have thought about doing profiles…I may have to give that some more thought. Is there someone you wanted me to put you in contact with? 🙂

      I love your role play idea! I am going to utilize that as soon as the opportunity comes up!

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