LDS Unmarried Life Podcast Episode 12-Long Distance Relationships

Annette, Ryan, Monte, DeAnn, and Emily talk about whether long distance relationships are worthwhile. Please subscribe, share, and comment. We want to hear from you!

Annette, Ryan, Monte, DeAnn, and Emily

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2 comments on LDS Unmarried Life Podcast Episode 12-Long Distance Relationships

  1. Lee Lorico says:

    Hi! My name is Lee im from the beautiful country Philippines, as for me i think long distance relationship is worth the try,,just need to trust each other much and be more understanding and give time.

  2. Whitney says:

    Hi Annette! I found your podcast by accident on Spotify. I typed in ‘LDS’ hoping to find someone who had recorded some random LDS doctrine topics or general conference talks, but stumbled across your podcast as one of the results.

    I found it fortuitous that the first episode I saw of yours was one regarding long distance and opinions of other singles in the church about the subject. As I got to listening, I would say overall I enjoyed that the subject was being discussed, however I felt like there was a very narrow pool of viewpoints.

    It would’ve been awesome for me to hear from at least one person or one couple who had successfully navigated a long distance relationship, and even into marriage.
    Or an example of someone who was not in the 40s to 50s range in age to see if there is a difference in those of different age groups. Or someone who wasn’t based out of the Western US since being from the midwest, like you said, we really do have very little choice close by and we can’t close ourselves off so easily. NOT anything wrong with what any of you said, ? just to be clear, but it did feel like the conversation was all 4 to 5 of you were so similar that everyone agreed on all points.

    I heard you mention a few times you like feedback, so I wanted to provide some from a brand new listener. I hope that helps!

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