LDS Unmarried Life-Episode 42-How Important is Physical Attraction?


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Annette, Emily, Melissa, Nicki, and Jocelyn talk about how important physical attraction is in dating, and later for sex in marriage.

We would love comments, especially from men, about what we said in this episode. 🙂

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4 comments on LDS Unmarried Life-Episode 42-How Important is Physical Attraction?

  1. Michael H Heywood says:

    Very interesting cast. Thanks

  2. Shawn Gordon says:

    I’m going to be as respectful as I can. First, this was unbelievably long and boring, you should tighten things up a lot if you are wanting to make a cohesive point and have people learn it, but more importantly, it was interesting for me as a guy to be a fly on the wall to 4 divorced LDS women and what they talk about and how they think. it was eye-opening that you seemed to have little self-awareness as to how their thoughts and beliefs were holding them back from being in new relationships. from listening to you, I would be scared to be in a relationship with any of you. It was all very self-centered and what you wanted, nothing about what you bring to a relationship, basically I felt like I was listening to women who were looking for a piggy bank/servent. Let me know if you’d like to have a man in your discussion sometime. Focus should be on how to be in a happy and healthy partnership where you work together and have similar goals and have an eternal perspective.

    1. Melissa Sardoni says:

      Shawn Gordon – Knowing that you are a married man who runs his own LDS Single’s Dating site and was “bored” by this conversation invokes a certain “creep factor” in your comments.
      The topic was physical attraction, not sexual attraction. Are you saying it wasn’t arousing enough for you?

      All of us on the panel are VERY aware of our feelings and they span from the PG to the X-rated. Out of respect for Annette and the majority of her listening audience, our efforts to express ourselves without getting “down-n-dirty” and verbally explicit were very prevalent. In other words, we tried to keep it clean. Or was it because Jocelyn said “orgasm” that got you all stirred up? if you missed it, I’ll bet you a hundred bucks that you go back and re-listen for it.

      The podcast was not meant to have Annette invoke us to emotionally strip down, raw and naked, about our personal inhibitions or shortcomings that ” were holding them back from being in new relationships”. Would it have been more satisfying for you if we each went around the table a few times and talked about the physical traits and parts we possess to possibly attract a man? Aside from the eyes, nose, heart and lungs, that is none of your business! I’m not into casting my pearls before swine online. Have you ever demanded that of the women that belong to YOUR Facebook group? How about the men?

      You basically put the blame / shame on the all-women panel for being THE reason that relationships are not working out these days. Do you use that same tripe on the women on your FB group? How about your wife? I also don’t recall ANY discussion comparing bank accounts to penis size. You also say that you “would be scared to be in a relationship with any of you”. Duly noted and THANK YOU JESUS! It is such a relief to know that you are your wife’s problem. Please don’t be arrogant in thinking that you speak for all men. (BTW it is spelled “servant”, not “servent” and you write in one long sentence.)

      Annette has really struggled to get more men on her podcasts to get their perspective. They are not even showing up to sit at the table. She’s not a trained therapist – she’s only trying to get people to start talking and connecting.

      “Focus should be on how to be in a happy and healthy partnership where you work together and have similar goals and have an eternal perspective.” Now, read it with a robotic, Stepford Wife-like voice 5 more times. This is the same sticky, sugary kool-aid that is constantly being regurgitated and doused with another spoonful of sugar with the hopes that we will eventually drink. Maybe you need to find some new sources for you to cut and paste from.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    There are 42 episodes, this one focused on physical attraction because that was the topic. 42 episodes on the same topic would get kinda boring, I suspect.

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