LDS Unmarried Life-Episode 41-Overcoming Betrayal and Learning to Trust Again with Rebecca Knudsen, LMFT


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Rebecca Knudsen, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in helping clients overcome sexual betrayal, discusses just that with the gang. In attendance were Emily, me, Rebecca, Melissa, Nicki, Melissa, and Jocelyn. (Steve was there too, but opted to take the picture instead of being in it, as usual.)

Rebecca can be found at For great online courses on overcoming betrayal and other traumas, go to To find a counselor in Utah that specializes in this, go to

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One comment on “LDS Unmarried Life-Episode 41-Overcoming Betrayal and Learning to Trust Again with Rebecca Knudsen, LMFT

  1. Eileen Taylor says:

    I appreciated all of your comments this evening. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences that have helped you work through betrayal. As sisters, we can strengthen and support one another through these difficult relationships. I am still working through the betrayal of a man who I trusted as an honorable person and married in the temple last year. He charmed me, showered me with love and told me we were the perfect match. I loved him, trusted him and felt the same. A few days after we marry I come to find out that he was emotionally and sexually abusive and his goal to marry me was, in his words, a “sex toy”. I was devastated. When his demands were not met, he decides to end the marriage. As I’ve studied personality disorders, I’ve learned that he has NPD.

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