LDS Unmarried Life-Episode 37-Are You Ever Really Ready for a Relationship?


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My biggest group ever: From left to right Jennifer, (in back) Kristin, Patty, Drew, and ‘McDreamy,’ Annette and Emily in front.

The big group (including Steve Smith, who refuses to be in pictures, but always says his phone # on the air) talks about what it means to be ready for a relationship and discusses if we’re ever really ready.

We referenced this article: How Do You Know if You’re Ready for a Relationship?(Warning, one expletive in it.)

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Jane Greaves: lyrics composer & performer.

Rachel Dent: music composer & performer


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One comment on “LDS Unmarried Life-Episode 37-Are You Ever Really Ready for a Relationship?

  1. Steve Wallace says:

    I don’t believe that we need to be in a romantic/marriage relationship all of the time. As time has gone on, I realize that we’re probably going to eventually, end this life being single.

    I’m curious about how you “know when it’s love”? Having relationships to be social, communicate, and get along with other people is something we all need to work on, but to be in a romantic or marriage relationship, is much more involved and complicated. Finding someone and blending families is a huge challenge.

    I don’t believe that Father would intentionally let us be hurt for any reason. We make our own poor/bad decisions. To bring children into this world is not a good enough reason for Father to let us, kids, families to be hurt. Being LDS adds additional layers to the whole conversation. People in other religions don’t struggle with divorce and failed marriages like LDS people. The idea of eternal marriage has really messed with a lot of people and many people are concerned about being sealed to someone in this life.

    You might want to read Stephen E. Robinson’s book, “Following Christ”, particularly the last chapter: “The Prime Directive”. Your group has ideas, but I didn’t hear anything that would help someone, spiritually, in their journey in life and beyond.

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