LDS Unmarried Life-Episode 35-Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number?


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Annette, Chris Freeman, Pat Steele (on the phone), and Steve Smith (refuses to be in the picture) talk about how important age is in the single scene, both in dating, and in singles organizations.

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Jane Greaves: lyrics composer & performer.

Rachel Dent: music composer & performer


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One comment on “LDS Unmarried Life-Episode 35-Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number?

  1. RyGuy says:

    One of the best podcasts yet. I enjoyed everyone’s perspective but of course was smiling and laughing about Annette talking about the reaction 10+ year younger guys have when they find out that she is 50 🙂 I have to admit, I was shocked when I found out she was a few years older than I was as she appeared to be a young spunky princess full of love, life, and passion (which she is) I myself take issue with those who date people old or young enough to be their parent or child. I generally won’t date anyone more than 6 or 7 years younger and interestingly as I have gotten older, the gap for those I would date older than I has opened up as well. I wouldn’t mind dating a woman 8 or so years older than I am. I think part of why I’ve had this change is in part due to seeing how well I interact with women older than I am and also in part due to seeing the wonderful relationship and marriage that came together for a cousin of mine. He ended up marrying a woman I believe to be 15 years older than he is that he met and baptized while on his mission. They ended up getting married later on in life when he was in his early 50s or late 40s which we all celebrated. She is a wonderful woman and they are very happy.

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