LDS Unmarried Life-Episode 28-Why Singles Need to Gather


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I podcasted from Zion a.k.a. Utah with Kirk, Doug, Julie, and Steve (who refused to be in the picture) about why it’s so important that we gather as singles. Please subscribe, comment, join the discussion on my Facebook page (, show your support on my patreon page (, and check out the website Doug mentioned on the podcast-( If you’re listening on iTunes, please rate and review. Also, please take the time to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I would like to create a community there where we can all chat with each other. YouTube.


Jane Greaves: lyrics composer & performer.

Rachel Dent: music composer & performer


Please leave comments about what you liked or didn’t like about the episode, suggestions for future shows, etc. I will delete any comments negative to the CHURCH.




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3 comments on LDS Unmarried Life-Episode 28-Why Singles Need to Gather

  1. Patrick says:

    What no dark chocolate in Utah this time? Great insight into the perspective on gathering. A friend where I live sent me an invite to an activity this weekend. She recently told me she’s not sure if she’ll go, but the group is really fun and there are a lot of good people in the group.

    Don’t know if I’ll go. If I do, I may just need to ask them “what should I know about you?” I think that’s a great question and it’s not intended to be some sort of pick up line(not that any of my lines have ever worked, thus I’m listening to a singles podcast). Great podcast.

    1. Annette says:

      Thanks Pat! I say go to the activity!

  2. Rodriguez Kight says:

    Hey Annette,
    My name is Rodriguez and just listened to your podcast and figured I would step out of my comfort zone to comment.
    I live in Omaha, Nebraska and joined the Winter Quarter’s ward in September I got baptized yet by thanksgiving all of my missionaries were gone and that was the end of my communication with the church being I do not have a ride and am disabled.
    I was very active in church as far as attendance and participating in every discussion but when I had surgery dates and the holidays came around, the church members that had my number appeared to ignore my holiday texts and forgot me.
    Knowing that transportation has always been an issue I got a bit annoyed when I was texted by a new set of missionaries that asked if i could meet them at church, i ignored the texts. Mostly due to feeling like i was abandoned by the church for months by members whom live less than 5 minutes away from.
    Two of the missionaries from last year text from or contact me by fb from time to time but i never speak to them about how everyone who shook my hand and took me number literally became unresponsive since they left.
    Both of them felt it odd that I went from reading a chapter a day of the book of Mormon and other related texts to completely stopped reading and reaching out to the church in order to attend.
    I completely gave up on the hopes of marriage and accepted my fate as a disabled 38 year old black man who took much honor in being a member of the church as well as focused on other ways to find joy in life by attempting to offset my hopes of marriage with being of service in any way to the church.
    I apologize for the lengthy comment.
    Happy Easter

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