I’m Not Anti-Vax, I’m Pro-Freedom

Yesterday a friend said to me, “I know you’re anti-vaccine, but…” I quickly corrected her. I am NOT anti-vaccine. (I believe that most of the vaccines in existence are wonderful and miraculous. I’m grateful to not have polio as my wonderful adopted grandmother did, as she ended up in a wheelchair for her entire adult life.) I honestly don’t know whether the Covid vaccines are miraculous or nightmarish. From what I’ve seen so far, they are miraculous for some, and nightmarish for others. I believe it’s too early to know how safe they are for the general population. I believe they are dangerous for teenagers and young adults, as there have been several cases of myocarditis among that population. I also believe it’s abuse to give the vaccine to children, given that we don’t know the long-term effects on them, and since they are at almost zero risk from Covid. (And no, I don’t think it’s going to depopulate the earth. Some of us might wish that were the case, but it just isn’t.)
The analysis we used to do in law school was a cost-benefit analysis. What is the potential cost versus the potential benefit? For children, the potential cost (unknown side effects which may end up being disastrous) obviously outweighs the potential benefit (protection from a virus that they have almost no risk from). That’s a no-brainer. I believe the analysis is roughly the same for young and middle age, otherwise healthy adults. When you do the analysis for those in the high-risk categories, (over the age of 60, diabetic, obese, immunocompromised, etc.) you get a different result. For them, the benefit (avoiding catastrophic illness or possibly death) may very well outweigh the cost (potential side effects).
The three major problems I have with the all-out push to vaccinate seemingly everyone are: 1. There is never any mention of those who have already tested positive and recovered, who therefore have the antibodies and so are already covered by nature, better than a vaccine could cover them. Why would they need or want the vaccine? (I’ve had several people tell me that they had Covid and later got the vaccine, which then made them very sick. So, first they got sick, then they got the vaccine to prevent from getting sick, which in turn made them sick?! Where is the logic there??) Why is this group of people being ignored? This is a question I have yet to see answered by anyone in the government/CDC. 2. Why does it seem like the push is for a 100% vaccination rate? Why does the percentage to be vaccinated to reach herd immunity keep changing? And does anyone really know what that rate is? And again, why are the folks with immunity being ignored in the herd immunity calculation? (These first two problems are just being ignored or glossed over by the pushers of the vaccine, which begs the question-what is their agenda, other than to force people to comply?)
3. The last and biggest problem I have is the same one I had with the masks-that many in government want to MANDATE them. Only instead of just forcing you to wear a piece of cloth over your face, the vaccine forces you to inject foreign material into your body. This is not how a free society operates. (And the fact that big tech is censoring any opinion or facts that don’t fit the narrative that everyone should get the vaccine and that it’s absolutely safe, tells us that big tech is in bed with the government and that those two assertions are arguably false to at least some degree-or questioning them wouldn’t be a problem.) Freedom, at its most basic level, means freedom to do what you want (or not do what you don’t want) with your body. (And before pro-choicers start making a comparison to abortion, please don’t ignore the fact that there is no living being inside of your body in this scenario.) We are, and should ALWAYS remain, free to make our own cost-benefit analysis and proceed with what we decide is right for us. Otherwise, we are not free in any real sense of the word. So, no, I’m not anti-vaccine. I’m pro-freedom.
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